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The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide
The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide
The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide
The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide
The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide
The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide
The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide

The Burgess Bird Book Nature Study Guide

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Our Nature Study Guide for "The Burgess Bird Book for Children" is here!
Ever since reading "The Burgess Bird Book for Children" I was inspired to create a guide for it. I have truly enjoyed learning more about these birds in such a fun way as this story of Peter the curious rabbit and Jenny Wren, who teaches him about the world of birds around him, in the Old Orchard, the Old Briar Patch, the Green Meadows, and more!

What's Included in this Nature Study Guide?

  • Teacher Handbook - Includes 92 Bird Features to follow along with the novel and student workbook
  • Student Workbooks - Includes a verity of worksheets for multiple ages of students on all 92 birds, in both manuscript and cursive for you to choose from; Bird Report Pages, Tracing, Coloring and more!
  • Burgess Bird Flashcards- 92 flashcards for spelling use, matching use, and so on to use as needed, with students interested.
  • Author Spotlight - Learn more about Thornton Waldo Burgess!
  • Additional Book Basket List - Enjoy a list of books to add to your reading list, all about birds!
  • Vintage Bird Illustrations - get out the crayons, markers or watercolor paints with these beauties!
  • Chapter Topic Overview - Quickly look at the birds featured in this guide
  • Chapter Divisions - There are 42 chapters in this novel, and each one features a few different topics or bird features. I have provided these details for you to aid you in your lesson planning, as well as working your way through the novel.
  • Weekly Topic Overview- Includes an optional weekly plan for reading 3 Chapters of the book each week to complete this novel study in 15 Weeks.
  • General Lesson Plan Suggestions - To make this guide as easy as possible, I have provided one lesson plan with overall suggestions for you to use this guide in your homeschool or classroom as you read each chapter. 
  • Over 300+ Pages of Learning Resources via Digital Download
  • Perfect for students in Grades 1-7+
  • Pairs up easily with our Canada & USA Adventures - Stay tuned for these Bundles, they are coming soon!

What is needed for this guide?

Total Pages: 300+
Answer Key: N/A
Teaching Duration: 3 months

It is my hope that you find these pages helpful while learning about the birds of North America and while reading this classic bird book written by Thornton W. Burgess, who in the 1919 edition preface wrote;

"It was written as a labour of love - love for little children and love for the birds. If as a result of it even a few children are led to a keener interest in and better understanding of our feathered friends, its purpose will have been accomplished."

I feel lucky to read his labour of love, for in it my inner child has fulfilled the authors purpose, and I feel honoured to have enriched it with this learning resource guide. I also hope it inspires children and parents alike to learn more about the birds around us more deeply.

Happy creating,

Alexandra Derry

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Looking for Vintage Books? I love shopping from @thequietcornerbookstore! That is where I found this original edition of "The Burgess Bird Book for Children" (1919). She comes across old vintage books like this often, so definitely check her out. She ships out of the USA.