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About The Build Your Masterpiece Class

The Build Your Masterpiece Class is a series of Art and World Adventure Unit Studies that include hands-on activities, art projects, recipes, custom coloring pages, and a huge range of children’s literature that spark curiosity and artistic expression!

Enjoy learning about the world through a range of subjects:

  • Art History + Literature
  • Math + Cooking
  • Geography + Science
  • Art Projects + Coloring
  • Spelling + Vocabulary
  • Worksheets + Poetry
With bite-sized Adventures, encouraging you and your kids to build your own masterpieces every day!
I am still learning. ” — Michelangelo

As a second generation homeschooler, and homeschool mama of 3, I asked myself a few questions…

1.) How can I spark the curiosity of my child, and ignite the artist in myself at the same time?

It was that question that inspired me to create the Build Your Masterpiece Class and why the Traditional Recipes are found within each Adventure!

“We made Kid-Friendly Tiramisu and she was so proud!” - Lauren, Homeschool Mom, @minivan_memoirs

“We made Kid-Friendly Tiramisu and she was so proud!”- Lauren, Homeschool Mom, @minivan_memoirs

Including the food as part of the journey added value, context and variety to our homeschool day, engaging the senses, as well as life skills from shopping for the ingredients, to preparing it and enjoying it together. I always loved cooking, and bringing the kids into the kitchen was just a natural way for me to teach them about the country we were learning about! 

2.) How can we easily bring art into the homeschool?

That’s the second question I asked, and the addition of the Coloring Pages was the answer! Both parent and child can enjoy coloring together, with whatever art supplies they have on hand! Maybe it’s crayons for your toddler, or markers for your kindergartener, or watercolor pencils and a wet brush for your upper elementary child. No matter what age or medium you use, our coloring pages spark a desire to create and learn. They are a fan favorite! 

 “ For the first time, he is actually asking to color! " - Nicole, Homeschool Mom, USA

“ For the first time, he is actually asking to color!" - Nicole, Homeschool Mom, USA

3). How can we spark a desire to learn? The answer was with living books. With each Adventure, and unit study I write, I always begin with a search for unique children’s books. In fact, it was the books that started the desire for us to begin to create The Build Your Masterpiece Class!

“We love this program!! My kids enjoy learning about Europe and making cute crafts!” -Justyna, Parent, USA

“We love this program!! My kids enjoy learning about Europe and making cute crafts!" -Justyna, Parent, USA

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