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Masterpiece Art Journal: Land + Sea [Art Basics Level 2 Program]
Masterpiece Art Journal: Land + Sea [Art Basics Level 2 Program]
Masterpiece Art Journal: Land + Sea [Art Basics Level 2 Program]

Masterpiece Art Journal: Land + Sea [Art Basics Level 2 Program]

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Our Land & Sea: Art Basics Mixed Movements Level 2 Program with the Build Your Masterpiece Class is a companion to the book "Ocean Anatomy” by Julia Rothman that includes 28 projects with art appreciation in a wide range of art movements, plus book recommendations and hands on art projects for kids in grade 1/2 +.

I recommend using it with an art sketch book, or the included journal pages. It is up to you on how you would like to use the journal.

What's included:

  • 74 Page, PDF

  • Chapter Guides, Books Lists & QR Codes - These follow the 7 Chapters which are; Ocean, Fish, Water Mammals, The Beach, Under the Sea, The Reef, and Cold Waters. I have included a selection of additional children's books and novels for you to pair up with each art project in each chapter. Scan the QR codes to access read alouds and extra resources for each chapter.

  • Art Appreciation: Each project follows the pattern of the chapters in “Ocean Anatomy" by Julia Rothman as a spine, and I have hand-picked special topics along the way, which pair up with unique art masterpieces from 28 Artists ranging in 10+ different Art Movements such as:

Abstract Art + Expressionism + Luminism + Color Field Painting + Tessellation + Pop Art + Romanticism + Allegorical Art + Post-Impressionism + Surrealism + Contemporary + Symbolism + Art Deco + Sculpture and more!

  • Art Journal Pages - Use these for your students and print out as needed. Bind them all together, and start at project 1 or wherever you would like. Alternatively, you could only print the cover, and glue that on your art sketch book if you prefer to use a sketch book.

  • Art Projects - I have included ideas on ways your students can create art inspired by the art appreciation in this journal using basic art supplies, and their art sketch book, watercolor paper, or printer paper with the included project pages. Because these projects require the student's creative interpretation and expression, they work for a wide range of ages and abilities with the mama/teachers input and guidance.

  • Art Supply Check List - Use as an easy guide to make sure you have all you need to find success with this art journal!

This art journal is part of a series of Art Journals ranging from Level 1 to 4 +. Pair with our Adventures and other curriculum for a complete art immersive experience in the comfort of your own home!

Enjoy building your masterpiece,


*LAND & SEA Art Journal has been photographed along side “Ocean Anatomy “by Julia Rothman, Cuba letter from Letters from Afar, and Crayon Rocks Australia, Koi Watercolor Travel Kit and the Bananagrams Letter Tile Game.