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Life Cycle of a Mango Art & Baking Unit Study with Paul Gauguin Artist Spotlight

Life Cycle of a Mango Art & Baking Unit Study with Paul Gauguin Artist Spotlight

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Learn all about the life cycle of a MANGO with our reap, paint, cook unit study and artist spotlight on Paul Gauguin and his Tahitian mango still-life's and landscapes, plus so much more!

What's Included:

  • Book List & Additional Learning Resources via QR Code
  • Mango Tea Party Lesson Plan (reading, painting, science, baking, etc)
  • Mango Tea Party Banner Craft
  • Mango Recipes: Mango Frosty, Mango Scones, Mango Honey Fruit Leather, Mango and Turkey Quesadillas and Mango Salsa. (Everything you need for a mango themed party!)
  • Mango Bubble Wrap Craft Idea
  • Mango Art Printable Page
  • Painting My Garden with a Mango Tree Drawing and Writing Page
  • Art Appreciation of Mangos and Tahiti from Paul Gauguin
  • Artist Spotlight: Paul Gauguin with original coloring page
  • Photos of Mango Trees for inspiration
  • Mango Coloring & Tracing Pages in manuscript and pre-cursive
  • Life Cycle of a Mango 3 Part Cards, manuscript
  • Parts of a Mango Tree, interactive drawing page
  • Life Cycle of a Mango Poster in color and black and white to color
  • Label & Color Mango Life Cycle Worksheet
  • Mangos Around the World Lesson
  • Mango Tree Botany Lesson
  • What I learned about Mango Trees Coloring and Writing Worksheet

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