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Bees in the Garden Learning Pack - 3rd Edition
Bees in the Garden Learning Pack - 3rd Edition

Bees in the Garden Learning Pack - 3rd Edition

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Bees in the Garden Learning Pack 3rd Edition is our new title for our old "Busy As a Bee Learning Pack". It has gone from 14 pages to 31!

Count to 30 with bees, color honeycombs, play matching games, learn vocabulary, bake with honey and so much more! Perfect for kids PreK to Grade 5, and easily mix & match with our Masterpiece Numbers and Masterpiece Alphabet curriculum for added counting and spelling resources. Photographed here is our Number 3 Coloring Flashcard from the Masterpiece Numbers Learning Pack.

What’s Included?

  • 31 Page-PDF Digital Download

  • Book List About Bees

  • 30 Bees To Count

  • Beehive Play Mat

  • Color & Count Honeycomb Hexagons Worksheet

More Recipes with Honey:
  • Honey Cornbread

  • Honey Muffins

  • Lemon-Honey Chicken

  • Orange, Sesame and Honey Cookies

  • Honey Taffy

  • Sweet Honey Yeast Rolls

  • Honey-Orange-Ginger Cookies

Plus Learning Resoucres:

  • Drawing Prompt Page of Garden with Bees, flowers, grass and Clouds

  • Vocabulary Words+Cards

  • Honeycomb Match Up Game

  • Match Up Worksheet

  • Write Your Own 'List Poem' About Bees

*This digital product is for personal use only. Books and props not included.