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Banana Life Cycle Unit Study

Banana Life Cycle Unit Study

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Learn about Bananas and how they grow with the Build Your Masterpiece Class! This Banana Life Cycle has been created for you to use in your home or classroom, to learn about bananas, and how they grow with The Build Your Masterpiece Class for kids 3 to 10. 

What's Included:

  • 37 Page PDF Digital Download
  • Lesson Plan, Book List & Additional Learning Resources via QR Code
  • Banana Bread Recipe
  • Campfire Banana Boats Recipe
  • Art Appreciation and Art Journal Pages
  • Banana Coloring/Worksheets
  • Parts of a a Banana Plant
  • Label Parts of a a Banana Plant
  • Banana Life Cycle Poster in Color
  • Label Life cycle poster
  • Stages of Growth worksheets
  • Match the Stages of Growth Worksheet
  • Life Cycle of a Banana Montessori 3-part cards manuscript)
  • Banana Photos
  • Banana + Banana Flower Counters
  • Banana Flashcards 1 to 12
  • Banana Flower Flashcards 1 to 12

I hope you enjoy learning about the life cycle of the banana plant with your kids. Also, coming soon are more unit studies and adventures that will pair up well with this pack!

Please tag us on Instagram @build_your_masterpiece_class to be featured! I cannot wait to see your banana masterpieces!

Enjoy building them.