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Adventures in Finland Christmas Special

Adventures in Finland Christmas Special

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Hei! Hello! Our Adventures in Finland, Christmas Edition is here!

I am so excited to add a new Christmas Special to our curriculum series collection, and I hope you enjoy studying this one as much as I did writing it. I actually created it after looking into visiting Finland for a family vacation, and I was so excited, I dove right into writing this unit for us and you to enjoy. It's perfect to do at home in place of a vacation, or really great to enjoy before your visit to get the kids really pumped. 

What's Included?

  • Stamps & Passport
  • Finland Map Coloring Pages
  • Finland's Flag Bunting Craft
  • Finland's Coat of Arms History & Coloring
  • Map of Finland & Surrounding Countries
  • Book Lists
  • Special QR Code for the Unit with Additional Learning Resources, such as Educational Videos, Read Aloud's and more! Definitely scan the codes!
  • Finnish Christmas Ornament Craft: Himmeli
  • Himmeli Wrapping Paper Page
  • Christmas Traditions In Finland Lesson
  • Coloring & Tracing Pages of English Words in Finnish
  • Sledging in Finland with Reindeer Creative Writing Project
  • Finnish Sauna History & Coloring Page
  • Learn About the Arctic Snow Hotel & Make Ice Cups!
  • Write a Letter to Santa in Finland
  • Santa Letter Pages
  • The Four Seasons in Finland Through Art


Traditional Finnish Christmas Recipes:

  • Christmas Star Cookies “Joulutorttu”
  • Gingerbread Biscuits "Joulutorttu”
  • Meatballs "Lihapullat"


Tag us with all your Finnish Christmas Masterpieces on Instagram @build_your_masterpiece_class I cannot wait to see them.

Happy Christmas,


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