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7 Ways to Make Time for Creativity as a Homeschool Mom

As a homeschooling mom, finding time for creativity can be a real challenge.

Between teaching, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids, it can be hard to find a spare moment for art, music, writing, or any other form of creativity. However, it is important to make time for creative pursuits, as they can help us relax, de-stress, and express ourselves.

Here are some ways that homeschooling moms (and kids) can make time for creativity:

  1. Wake up earlier: Set your alarm a little earlier than usual so that you can have some quiet time to yourself before the kids wake up. Use this time to work on your creative projects. Maybe it could be watering your garden, and enjoying the morning, or reading a book, or drawing.
  2. Involve your kids: Get your kids interested in your creative pursuits. Teach them how to draw, paint, or play an instrument. Maybe you have a hobby that is artistic, and bringing them into your time can be what they need to get inspired. They may even inspire you with their own creativity! Our Masterpiece Alphabet and Early Years Classics Programs are filled with the love of art for the younger years, which may be helpful for you to bring art into your day with kids.
  3. Schedule it in: Just like you schedule in math or science lessons, schedule in time for your creative pursuits. This will help ensure that you actually make time for it. think of a free art time, where the kids can create art with the supplies you have on hand. This can allow them freedom. If they enjoy some inspiration for creation, our Art & World Adventures can gently guide them through fun topics that may spark an interest in a multitude of learning themes.
  4. Take advantage of nap time: If you have young children who still nap, use this time to work on your creative projects, or the projects of your older children. 
  5. Set up a dedicated space: Create a dedicated space in your home for your creative pursuits. This will make it easier to get started and will help you stay motivated. I love to have an art caddy and supply shelf in our home learning space, and even in corners of the house for cozy creating moments. Shelf of clay and tools or yarn and croquet hooks can be all they need to get started, you too!
  6. Join a group: Join a local art or writing group, or find an online community of like-minded individuals. This will provide you with the support and motivation you need to keep going, and learn something new!
  7. Keep it simple: Don't feel like you have to create a masterpiece every time you sit down to work on your creative projects. Just enjoy the process and have fun with it. You also do not have to do something creative every day, but the more you try, the more you may become inspired to create.

make time for creativity

In conclusion, as a homeschooling mom, it is important to make time for creativity in our busy lives. By waking up earlier, involving our kids, scheduling it in, taking advantage of nap time, setting up a dedicated space, joining a group, and keeping it simple, we can find ways to incorporate our creative pursuits into our daily routine. Remember, even just a few minutes a day can make a big difference! And our art curriculum is here to help boost your inspiration and give you a little guide on your way to becoming courageously creative!

Let me know if any of these ideas helped you, or how you make time for creativity as a homeschool mom in the comments below!

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The Masterpiece Alphabet

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