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🎃Look inside my favourite books for October Part 1:

🎃Look inside my favourite books for October Part 1:

The Pumpkin Carving Book: How to create glowing autumn gourds by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell

A quote from the introduction from the book…

“Pumpkins and squashes, with their fiery colors and full, rounded shapes, are the very embodiment of autumn fruitfulness. They are the symbol of autumn, the principal players in harvest displays and at Halloween when they take the stage as Jack’O Lantern with his familiar triangular features. But pumpkins and their close cousins, the squashes and gourds, have so much more to offer in decorative terms. The sheer variety of shapes and colors seems endless.”

This book is so well written, with beautiful designs for you and your kids to create your own pumpkin masterpieces this autumn. The photographs of each step, along with the templates are so helpful!

It makes me want to go shop for a few more types of gourds. I have a nice collection of pumpkins I grew in our garden, that are now decorating our door and home, and I’m excited to carve some of them.

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📚🎃This a wonderful book to add to your homeschool library for this time of year. What do you think?

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