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🎃 Look inside my Favorite Books for October Part 2:

🎃 Look inside my Favorite Books for October Part 2:

Come into the garden with me for this next book, the perfect place for reading “The Pumpkin Book" by Gail Gibbons! Those 🐝 are truly loving the borage I have planted here, far into the fall too which makes the garden busy with all sorts of things to see.

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🎃This children’s picture book is one of my favourites (all of Gail’s books are!) and this one takes us on a life cycle journey of the pumpkin. ❤️ The gardener in me loves this, and it’s the perfect read for your little ones.

It’s also a great book to read at planting time, but also at harvest time. It even includes a bit of history about Halloween and Thanksgiving so it’s a book that can be enjoyed during many times of the year, with a bonus how to carve a pumpkin with illustrations and DIY tips for drying your own pumpkin seeds!

What do you think of this book? Let me know in the comments of this blog post, or our Instagram reel series.

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